The Graffiti Removal Kit is designed for Local Authorities, Resident Associations, Tidy Town Groups, Community Organisations & Business Users. The kit is a highly effective surface contaminant removal product, designed for elimination of unsightly or unwanted spray paint, crayon, magic marker, graffiti or 'tag' marks on glass, unfinished metal, factory-applied metal finishes, brick, concrete & masonry substrates & many other surfaces. Based upon a unique blend of environmentally safe solvents, emulsifiers & surfactants, the Community Graffiti Removal Kit is nontoxic, safe for human contact & yet easy to use & highly effective on even the most difficult applications.

For local authorities, it is ideal to provide or loan-out to local residents groups, so that they can effectively deal with the graffiti problem in their area. It will remove pen marks & general graffiti from lockers, desks, painted walls, doors, UPVC surfaces & traffic signs without any damage to the existing surface.

The Large kit includes 4 x1 litre bottles.You can choose which of the Graffiti Removal products; Contractor, Metal, Sign & All Purpose Graffiti Removers you wish to have in your kit or a combination of the products.

Each kit also contains the following items, all necessary for the safe removal of graffiti; 2 x Sash Brushes, 5 x J-Cloths, 1 x Small Pot, 2 x Steel Wool 000 Grade, 1 x Plastic Gauntlets, 1 x Safety Specs, 1 x Mouth & Nose Mask, 1 x White Towel Rag & it is all contained in a ten litre bucket with snap on lid. The bucket is useful if you need small amounts of water & the equipment can be stored again in the bucket for the next time it's needed. There is also an easy-to-follow user guide together with Product Information Sheets & Material Safety Data Sheets.

Individual kit items can also be purchased from us as well as product refills by clicking here

Graffiti Removal Kit LARGE

Always test any graffiti remover on a small, hidden area of the surface before full application to determine any negative reaction. This product is intended for exterior surface use.

Small Kit Removes Up

To 8 m²

Medium Kit Removes Up To 15 m²

Large Kit Removes Up

To 34 m²

Masonry, Brick, concrete & stone

Mild steel & stainless steel

Painted  & wooden surfaces

Traffic Signs

Interior Graffiti

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