CONTRACTOR graffiti remover is a fast activating liquid graffiti remover. It quickly penetrates into spray paint & other graffiti – breaking down & dissolving most graffiti within 1-2 minutes. The product is designed to remove graffiti from: masonry, brick, concrete & stone.

It works extremely well on both porous & non-porous surfaces & can be applied with a brush, paint roller or pressurised spray. This easy-to-use liquid graffiti remover has deep penetration & fast acting power. It’s specifically formulated for everyday use on common exterior surfaces.

It is formulated for use by Trades people & graffiti removal contractors.

CONTRACTOR Graffiti Remover


Brick, concrete & stone

Power washer compatible

Chosen by commercial cleaning specialists

Fast acting &simple to use

CHIP, COSHH & REACH compliant products

Low odour makes product pleasant to use

Available in

5 Litres


Product Features & Uses

Always test any graffiti remover on a small, hidden area of the surface before full application to determine any negative reaction. This product is intended for exterior surface use.

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