Bio Hazard First Response

Crime & trauma decontamination, or CTS Decon is a service which is offered to Local Authorities, Property owners, Hotels, Funeral Undertakers & to families of a loved one who may have died suddenly in a property. An area that is contaminated will have the presence or reasonably anticipated presence of blood or other potentially infectious disease on a surface & can be spread unknown by hands, clothes & animals. Properties that are flooded also carry a high risk factor of disease from animal urine & Weil’s disease to human waste from flooded sewers that get mixed with the flood waters. If not treated properly & professionally, there is a very high risk of infection & sickness to anyone that comes in contact with that property & can breathe beneath the surface for many years. It can also lead to mould build up that may go unnoticed for years.

Squatters, bad tenants, anti social behaviour, call it what you will but the site of a trashed house is a nasty one. It can range from sinks & toilets being smashed, to the taps being left on & the property flooding. Drug addicts also leave a nasty mess from contaminated objects such as needles & broken capillary tubes to human excrement left on the walls & floors. We can gather all personal belongings & log & bag all items. Properties are checked for any contaminated objects which have the potential to penetrate the skin including needles, broken glass, scalpels & other harmful containment objects. The property is then cleared of all furniture & disposed of. It is then fumigated to kill any rodents and pests. Finally the entire property is washed down & sprayed for the following but not limited to, H1N1 (Swine Flu), Tuberculoses, HIV, E-Coli & Hepatitis. We also have rapid response teams that can alleviate flooded properties with equipment such as pumps, dehumidifiers, slot cutting & water jetters.

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